Restore from SSH fails with Host key verification failed.

Hi folks, this is killing me, I cant troubleshoot it, and cant seem to find where the problem is. Systems inovlved:

Cloud master, Host, backupnas, VM

I am trying to restore a backup from nightly backups to SSH. When I do I get the following:

Restoring 1 systems from /c/backup/virtual/2013-03-19 on SSH server XXX.108.146.33 as root ..

Finding systems to restore ..
.. found 1 systems
Working out backup sources ..
.. found 1 usable sources

Shutting down sparcs-tng prior to restore ..
.. done

Restoring sparcs-tng from /c/backup/virtual/2013-03-19/sparcs-tng.gz on SSH server XXX.108.146.33 as root ..
Restoring copies of disks for sparcs-tng via SSH from XXX.108.146.33 ..
.. restore failed : Failed to restore copy of LVM disk /dev/lv_storage/lv_sparcs_tng : Host key verification failed.
Starting up sparcs-tng after restore ..

I have searched all the machines involved, to make sure that keys are there and working, I have SSHed back and forth from all the machines involved as both root and the username used by the cloudmaster. without passwords but cannot figure out why its failing. I have had to manually restore these backups (painful), can anyone suggest a place to try? I have been monitoring the auth.log on all hosts and the webmin.log on the cloudmin master but cannot see whaere the problem is. Any help is greatly appreciated.



You may need to delete the entry for the remote host's name or IP from the file /root/.ssh/known_hosts on the Cloudmin master system, and the host system for the VM.