Default Domains with Multiple Shared IPs creates unexpected behavior

Operating System should be irrelevant in this case.

  1. The configuration for virtualmin on 'shared ips' always uses <VirtualHost *:80>
  2. This configuration does not support different default websites with multiple shared IPs. The IP address must be specified, which can be done using Webmin or manually (for every address on that IP)
  3. If Virtualmin, for whatever reason, updates the apache configuration VirtualHost directive, it will rewrite the wildcard, essentially disabling access to that domain.

Idealy, Virtualmin's 'default IP' functionality would work correctly with multiple shared IPs.

Possible options:

  • Allow an admin to select the VirtualHost address (perhaps in Change IP Address).
  • Automatically update all the VirtualHost directives for an IP address when a default is specified. (may be a bit more unexpected than the first option)
  • Detect if the user has overriden the address on the <VirtualHost> directive and preserve it (no new GUI options are needed, and preservation is a good thing as well).
  • Allow an admin to host multiple domains on 'private' IP addresses
  • Otherwise allow the administrator to configure this behavior somewhere (globally or on a per-ip basis)
  • Create a GUI section to manage additional VirtualHost directives associated with a domain (this could be pretty neat, as it could allow alias domains to have seperate SSL certificates and/or IP addresses)
  • Always specify the IP (simple, but simply forbids people from using wildcards instead of IPs)


The work-around here is to make sure that your Apache config uses a NameVirtualHost line with an IP address as the value, instead of * . If you do this, you'll also need to update any VirtualHost blocks to use the appropriate IP.