Backup / Restore bug

Hi guys,

Today I was trying to copy the mail/ftp users and their email from one server to the current live virtualmin server where the rest of their webcontent is stored.

I thought, oh this will be easy... : )

I did a full backup of the domain selecting the "Mail/FTP users and mail aliases" option. Well the users were backed up but no content from the homes directory was. I had to re-backup and select the "Server's home directory and web pages" option to get the homes directory. For someonen in a rush, they would have blown away the production website and settings just to restore the email files...

I ended up manually extracting the backup to /tmp and cp -Rp homes from there to the proper location. This is kinda clunky, is this working as designed? I was expecting that the email users being backed up would include their homes directory content as well. Can you make that a checkbox option like the logs directory?

I was using the "One file per server" option.

Hope you all have a great week!




Howdy -- yeah, the idea there is that any home directory data (such as email) comes with the option "Server's home directory and web pages".

The option "Mail/FTP users and mail aliases" is what re-creates the user in the /etc/passwd file, and configures the email address and aliases.

So that is actually intentional.

I'll review the wording for those options to see if there's a way we can clarify what's going on.

I'm with Jeremy on this. More control over the /homes directory during backup / restore. Actually, this is similar to my own feature request...

My requirement is to back up the user directory excluding /homes, whereas Jeremy's requirement is to have /homes backed up with Mail / FTP users - which makes a lot of sense. Either way, some extra options would be great :)