Drupal installation - multiple domains

Drupal 7.20 Ubuntu 12.04LTS Have installed domain access module which allows multiple domains on one installation. I have reservedmembership.com and want an domain alias (broadcastcomplaint.com). I need to do this the right way so when the domain is transferred then drupal will be able to display a different theme. I have done this before with Plesk and one other software, which slips my mind. Is there anyone that can help. I bought the package and am so happy already. Just need a little help. Thank you



Howdy -- well, we're unfortunately not familiar with the Drupal module you're using.

However, I can offer that if you go into Create Virtual Server, you can create an Alias Server to create an alias of another domain.

By creating an alias of another domain, both domains will point at the same Drupal codebase -- and I know folks use a setup like that for setting up multi-domain sites.

You are the STAR again. It was under my nose and I didn't see it. Was looking in a different area under webmin dns. I am not skilled as you are with servers. Thank you again...