multiple addresses in mail forwards

edit: post #3 uncovered a small issue.

clicked on "edit mail aliases" for a domain in virtualmin

ticked "forward to other address"

typed this in the field:


looking in the /etc/postfix/virtual file, i see:

what the heck is it delivering to? there is no such user or group.



Take a peek in /etc/aliases, there should be an alias created for in there.

oh that is pretty slick, didn't realize it used the aliases-file!

it's indeed putting all of the addresses in there, as a comma-separated list.


re-opening this after i discovered an issue with how catchall aliases are created..

if you create a catch-all that goes to multiple addresses, it will be added to /etc/aliases as: user1,user2

if you then try to create a mail alias in virtualmin called, it fails with "Failed to save alias : A mailbox or mail alias with the same name and domain already exists"


maybe instead of "" you should call it something like ""

that way regular aliases get added as "" and a catchall is added as "" rather than "" that way a catchall cannot clash with a regular alias.

then again, this only prevents the "" user/alias address from being added, so it's not a huge issue, but an issue nonetheless.

While you are correct that a clash can happen, the address "default" is a pretty uncommon one, so changing this is pretty low priority..

exactly my point. very low priority. ;)