virtualmin detects new os but not usermin

when I update centos, virtualmin says "you have a new os, click this button to update the displayed os"

when I log into webmin/virtualmin I see the new os in the browser title

when I log into usermin I still see the old OS version

seems it does not update in bot hplaces



That should already happen automatically, assuming that both Webmin and Usermin are the most recent versions.

Which Webmin and Usermin versions do you have installed?

usermin 1.520-1

webmin 1.610-1

virtualmin-base 1.0-63.rh

virtualmin-release 1.0-5.gpl.rhel

i found what the problem is btw...

webmin - webmin configuration - operating system & environment has correct "Detected operating system"

webmin - usermin cofniguration - operating system & environment has wrong, but has a button to make it update.

so virtualmin warning "click here to update os" only affect webmin page not usermin page, but should update both, i think this is the solution

I think the issue here is that your Usermin version is behind - it should be 1.530 to be in sync with Webmin 1.610.

Unless the versions are in sync, Webmin can't safely update the OS for both at the same time.

okay so it should be working when the installed version is the latest?

i already updated the os manualy in usermin config so i cant test anymore, sorry

Yes, it wil work fine when both Webmin and Usermin are at their latest versions.

good :) okay then i look forward to seeing 1.530 in the gpl repo

Actually, we will likely be releasing Webmin 1.620 and Usermin 1.540 shortly.

You should get alerted in Webmin is down by default..

For this monitor type, what do you have "Check on schedule?" set to?

Oops, ignore that last comment .. it was meant for a different bug.