[ADD TO DNS DOMAIN] Virtualmin doesn't know how to merge domains

Set up a template containing a full DNS zone definition (SOA, A records, etc.)

Create a virtserver (A) and enable "create DNS zone" (such as example.com)

Create a subdomain-server (B) under virtserver (A) and tell it to use A's DNS zone (such as placing foo.example.com's records inside the example.com zone)

Bam - clash. Complains that there is already a SOA record in the zone.

Solution: When adding a domain to an existing zone, skip the SOA record definition, $TTL, and so on.

Btw, I am not advocating merging zones (I don't do it myself, it's too messy), but I discovered this bug and reported it since SOMEONE out there may want to merge zones.



What is the exact error you are getting? Virtualmin should just add records to the parent domain, although not the SOA or TTL.

I'm a little unclear on exactly how this merging is being done.

Something like "The target DNS zone already has a SOA record" (this is from memory)

My template both for the main server and sub-server is the same. A complex record with $TTL, SOA, nameservers, A/TXT/MX records for all kinds of services, etc.

It doesn't like the idea of merging that data into the existing zone, and barfs instead. ;)

Ok, I see the bug here ... will update this ticket when it is fixed.

Actually, I can't see how this could be going wrong. If you have a completely custom set of DNS records, they will never get added to the parent zone - only to a separate zone file.