[READ MAIL] Tiezone

The "read mail" default user preferences timezone "system default" is broken and must explicitly be configured. If left on "system default" it does not use /etc/localtime. I had to manually override it to get it to European time.



Weird, this works fine for me. Was the TZ environment variable perhaps set in the shell when Usermin was started?

Interesting... so you're using the TZ variable. That doesn't actually exist on many systems.

Needs a /etc/localtime file fallback. ;) That's the modern equivalent of /etc/TZ.

Usermin never actually reads /etc/localtime or the TZ variable - it just uses standard Perl functions like localtime and strftime to convert time_t integers to human-readable format.

If that is failing, it could be because /etc/localtime (or the file it points to) is unreadable, or TZ is set.

Weird. All other date functions on the system work perfectly.

One possible test would be to SSH into the system as one of the users who is having problems, run the date command, and see if it outputs the correct timezone.