[XEN] Allow setting maxmem option

Let's say I create a virtual machine with 512mb of memory.

Checking the Xen .cfg file, I see "maxmem=4096" as well.

Needs control over that parameter. It's what allows domUs to balloon out of control if they want more than the memory allocated to them.

We created Swap for a reason, and maxmem shouldn't be able to override all of that work.



You can control what this gets set to for new VMs at Cloudmin Settings -> Cloudmin Configuration -> Open Source Xen settings -> Maximum memory for Xen instances.

Oh. Doesn't that make sense to show as a second value in the Create dialog?

Memory: 1024 - 2048

I don't see how that would be useful, although I may be missing something about how Xen memory allocations work.

Why not set the max memory really high (like 8 GB) when the VM is first created, and then move the actual memory around within that range?

Thanks .. it may actually make sense to allow Cloudmin to control the max memory separately. I will look into this further.