[PACKAGE UPDATER] Bug in fastrpc.cgi

Updating to libxen-4.1 version 4.1.3-3ubuntu1.3, libxenstore3.0 version 4.1.3-3ubuntu1.3, mountall version 2.42ubuntu0.4, xen-hypervisor-4.1-amd64 version 4.1.3-3ubuntu1.3, xen-utils-4.1 version 4.1.3-3ubuntu1.3, xen-utils-common version 4.1.3-3ubuntu1.3, xenstore-utils version 4.1.3-3ubuntu1.3 ........................................ .. update failed : Failed to read from fastrpc.cgi :

The above "failed to read from fastrpc.cgi" is something I have grown used to now. It's shown at the end of every (still-successful) package update process performed through Cloudmin.

Closed (fixed)


This happens when updating packages on the Cloudmin host too. In other words, Cloudmin speaking directly to itself on the same machine.

More info that may help:

All my VMs have moved Webmin and Usermin from their standard ports, but the RPC port ranges are open in iptables.

Someone else reported this recently as well - the next Webmin release should fix it, or at least provide a more useful error message as to why the read fails. Annoyingly it doesn't happen on my test systems :-(

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.