[VIRTUALMIN] More granular support for choosing visible modules

Ability to edit what modules the server admins can see; I don't want them to see the NGINX module since it's broken and breaks the server config files if they use it.

Maybe add options in "default server template > admin modules" since it already lists apache there. Just add the NGINX module.

Either way, there are other modules that people may want to disable. There needs to be a granular system with full view/edit control per-module, rather than the current, arbitrary, hardcoded limits on what can be hidden or not, which doesn't even include all modules.

Closed (fixed)


That's a good point .. currently there is no control over access to the Nginx module. I'll fix that.

You can gain more control by creating a webmin group with the desired permissions, and then selecting it on the "Webmin login" section of a template.

This more granular control over available modules will be included in the next Virtualmin release.

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