[MAIL ALIAS] Writes incorrect values to config file

  1. Set a catch-all to "Deliver locally, to mailbox root"

  2. After saving the rule, it will be added to /etc/postfix/virtual with a mapping to the root mailbox (root is just an example here)

  3. Go back and edit your catchall, uncheck the "Deliver to local mailbox" option and instead check "Forward to mailbox" and type in "root". Save the modified rule.

  4. Look in /etc/postfix/virtual and you will see that the rule is broken and has not updated. The only way to get rid of it is to delete the whole catch-all and re-add it with the delivery option you wanted. Modifying existing catch-alls is unreliable.



Could you post the line that is being added to your /etc/postfix/virtual file? I'm not able to re-produce this..

I remember one thing that may help reproduce it: You must do the change in the same step.

Like this:

Step 1: Add a catch-all for "Deliver locally, to mailbox root"

It adds a line that's something like: @test.com root

Step 2: Edit the catch-all rule, unchecking "Deliver locally" and checking "Forward to mailbox" (also clear the old textbox and put the word root in the new textbox)

The old line remains in the config file. Nothing new is added. Must delete the old line to be able to add the new catch-all choice.

I don't have the line that was added and am nowhere near the systems unfortunately.

But I remember that these are the steps I took when it happened.

By the way I should let you know that I'll be vanishing from these parts.

I spent 3 hours dumping 2 weeks worth of bugs found via extensive audits of almost 100% of the options in every dialog in Webmin/Usermin/Virtualmin. I doubt anyone has done such extensive testing before.

It was a lot of effort to write all these bug reports but it was the right thing to do and that's why I stuck around to deliver all of these tickets, so that the products can improve as a result.

I might check in a few more times today but then I'll be gone. I have way too much going on in life.

As for my big NGINX ticket, I do hope you take a look at all of the messages even though I didn't have time to split it into separate tickets. It has a lot of good information about NGINX.

Alright just letting you know now that I'm gone from the site as of this post.

I am glad that I took the time to send in all of the bugs that I found, because it was the right thing to do and helps make the product better. But now I must bid my leave and have thrown away the pass to this account.

Good luck with everything. Your life, career, and not least the Virtualmin product.

Take care, Jamie, and Andrey! I wish you the best.

You have my permission to be awesome! ;)