SSL Server Question

We have one domain on our server which requires access through https but not a commercial cert. We set up a self-signed certificate and the site now works. The other 128 domains on this server do not require SSL. Now when we put https in front of any domain name present on the server it goes to the one site we set up for SSL. Is there a way around this? We'd almost rather it went to a Page Can't be Found screen then to go to another site. Thanks, Jeff



Howdy -- what you're describing would indeed occur if all the domains in question are sharing the same IP address.

The way to avoid that would be to put the site that requires SSL on it's own IP, rather than having it share an IP with other domains.

To do that, you can go into Server Configuration -> Change IP Address, and in there you can specify a new IP address to be used for a Private IP Address.