Mail client config: wrong username

I was playing with new toys in most recent virtualmin. tried this url:

got this response:

correct user name for this account on this server is "steve". This server was set up long ago when we only had one domain on it so we could use the "name" format instead of "name@domain.ext" format. We plan on migrating to "name@doman.ext" soon so bug doesn't really impact us, but I figured you would like to know it fails on the "name" formats on a FreeBSD server.




If you create a new user (say called bob) for this domain, would his username be bob.lucketts or just bob ?

I'm not sure if this failure is due to a change in the name format policy previously, or a mis-interpretation of the current name format by Virtualmin.

I am having the same problem (I think).


gives me:
Example Email

The username is listed as bob.example but the actual username should be just bob.

Also the socketType for the SMTP server is set to plain rather than STARTTLS, and port 25 rather than port 587. (All options are supported by the server, but I'd prefer to default to STARTTLS/587).

I'm not sure if this failure is due to a change in the name format policy previously

sounds like it.

a way I could see it working at least with postfix (with some very careful command injection prevention) is:

$lookup=`/usr/sbin/postmap -q '${email}'   /etc/postfix/virtual`

if $lookup is a unix id return $lookup

if $lookup is an email $lookup =`/usr/sbin/postmap -q '${lookup}'   /etc/postfix/virtual`

if $lookup is a unix id return $lookup

# assume its an alias

$lookup = `/usr/sbin/postalias -q $lookup /etc/aliases`

if $lookup is a unix id return $lookup

base it on the $STYLE and hope for the best

Should at least cover some base cases.