A backup to the same destination is already running with PID 7924

Hello gents,

I have my backups set to local on M-Sat, and to S3 on Sun (see 110018.png).

Every Sunday, I'm getting the following errors, which start at 1a and continue every 2 hours until I restart the server.

A backup to the same destination is already running with PID 7924
Deleting backups from %d-%m-%Y in Amazon S3 bucket zenspot1_backups older than 60 days ..
.. no backups to delete were found

What is particularly odd is that the blocking ("already running") process changes each time. So it's not like some process is just hanging and never completing.

I've included ps aux output and also screenshots of the scheduled backup's settings.

Please let me know what else I can compile/try to help generate clues : )

Closed (fixed)


These backups have been working now for almost 2 years, I didn't change any administrative settings; they just started failing about a month ago.

I think the issue is that your second scheduled backup is set to run at 4 past the hour every hour for all of sunday. So if it takes more than 1 hour to run, you will get errors like that.

Is that actually the schedule you want, or would you prefer backups to run only once per day?

Well, I thought maybe if I ran them at 4, because 42... and lemon juice... yeah, I'll go fix that...

Sorry, I should have second-guessed those and had a closer look at the schedules. Sorry to waste your time.

I guess I was caught off guard by this because I can't remember making any admin changes to the backups (or much of anything other than mail accounts) in several months. I could understand a botch like this happening--just not going by several months without error.

Although I couldn't see what else it could be. It's not like an upgrade could change the cron jobs around. Hrm...

Well thanks! This issue may be closed at your convenience.


Ok, I will mark this as closed then. My guess is that your domains eventually got large enough so that a backup took more than 1 hour, so that they were now running into each other's schedule..