KVM on LVM volume group, disk space error

So, I have under the KVM host settings to create machines under a volume group. That volume group currently has 71 out of 930GB used. So, obviously, lots of space.

So, I go to create a new KVM system. In disk space for system, I put 50GB with a 8GB swap file. Location for disk image I leave at host default,, though I have also tried it with LVM. I click create, and it says:

Failed to create system : Host system host12.mydomainhidden.com cannot be used : An extra 40.73 GB free disk space is needed to create this system.

I suspect it is not checking the volume group since there is tons of space there, and, instead, checking the root filesystem or something like that. It should not be since this should be able to be created. So, I guess the workaround is to waste space by allocating it to the host system, though the space will never be used. However, this seems to be a bug to me unless I misunderstand something.

Needs review


Yes, this is a bug that was reported by another user yesterday - it is indeed checking only the root filesystem free disk space.

I have implemented a fix already though. Let me know if you'd like an early update with the fix..

I would love that actually.

Ok .. are you using Cloudmin GPL or Pro, and on which Linux distribution (for the master) ?

GPL, and, master is centos 6.3 64 bit.

Actually, not needed, forget it and save yourself some time. I can create a 2GB guest, and since it's LVM, easily change it after creation to 50GB or whatever I want. Works fine.

I'll do this until the fix comes out, no big deal.

Yes, that work-around works. The bug only impacts the disk space calculation at creation time, so you can up-size a VM afterwards.

sorry to open this up but has this been resolved? I booted a minimal centos7 which it auto partitioned and gave me / and a /home on different partitions. When doing the latest cloudmin install it could not recognize my /home partition which held most of my space.

I ended up rebooting a new OS with custom partition to fix this, but was there a better way?

@gstlouis - yes this should have been resolved long ago.

If most of your disk space is on /home , make sure that some directory under /home is used as the KVM root directory at Host Systems -> KVM Host Systems.