New KVM install, br0 not active

So, installed cloudmin gpl on a centos 6 minimal install. All went ok, except, br0 was not active and cloudmin said no kvm could be created without a valid bridge interface. I looked over the network config in webmin, and found the issue. The netmask was blank on br0 so the network interface could not be activated. I set the netmask to the same netmask as eth0 and it came up.

Having never used cloudmin, hopefully, this is the correct solution.



That's odd, the netmask for br0 should get copied from the mask setup for eth0 at the time the install script was run.

Do you happen to recall if your system's /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 file had a NETMASK line previously?

I would guess it did since I was able to ssh to the server and that is the only network port. Without that line, I would think I would not be able to ssh into the machine? But, I suppose can't be sure since it was a new install.

Ok, I will add code to ensure the netmask is set properly if it cannot be auto-detected at install time..