non-consistent behavioud serving default.php at the web site root.

I've found a strange behavior of the virtualmin server:

I have a fresh VirtualMin installation on a CentOS 6.3 I've installed 3 websites. all are php based. the 1st two worked great from the start. The 3rd one, which is the same as the previous, got an error accessing the path - no permissions.

the only way to resolve it was to add an .htaccess file to the directory of web site to cause the server to serve default.php

this file was not needed in the 2 other sites.

I guess this is a bug?



You would indeed see a Forbidden error if there wasn't an index file in the public_html directory.

You mentioned setting up a .htaccess file to serve a file named "default.php" -- that's not actually what Apache uses as an index file by default, it would normally use index.php.

If you place an index.php (or index.html) file in the public_html directory, does that resolve the problem?