Virualmin Wordpress WYSIWYG

Hi, i have run ubuntu server 12.04.. webmin 1.160. and virtualmin the last version my system is SuperMicro X6DHR 8G2

When i create a new virtualserver in virtualmin exemple, its oke, the dbase will be create automatic to..

1.... i upload wordpress to the virtualserver,,, and install, there begin the problem, there is no config.php,, so i have to copy the sugest config and copy this to sample-config.php and rename it to wp-config.php. wordpress works ?? but when im try to make a new post or page , im not see the WYSIWYG)... only the HTML .. the map rules are 775 Who can help me to fix this,,

Closed (fixed)


It looks like you have a question regarding this topic in the forums:

For folks using Virtualmin GPL, that's the correct place to post support questions.

Note though that if you're ever interested in upgrading to Virtualmin Pro, it comes with an Install Script for WordPress that makes installation and setup of WordPress super-easy.