Upgraded to 12.04 and now mysql eats up memory during backup


I upgraded to 12.04 from 10.04. Before, when Virtualmin was making my daily and weekly backups, mysql didn't hog up memory at all. But now under 12.04, backups almost render my server a slug. Any suggestions on how to remedy this? Not sure if it is a mysql issue under 12.04 or a Virtualmin backup issue.

Thanks! Alan



Howdy -- well, you're not seeing a Virtualmin bug... Virtualmin just uses mysqldump to generate the backup, so it's limited to the performance of MySQL.

We haven't heard other reports of MySQL slowness on Ubuntu 12.04 though (and I use that myself and haven't run into an issue there) -- it's possible that you're seeing some sort of configuration difference between the two MySQL versions. You may want to look at the configuration examples provided by MySQL itself, in "/usr/share/doc/mysql-server-5.5/examples", to see if any of those help the performance you're seeing.

Also, you could always pop a note in the forums, and see if anyone else in the community has run into that issue. If you do that, perhaps you could attach your my.cnf file, maybe someone there will notice an issue with it.