Password Update Bug

Hi guys,

If I change the root password on a VM that Cloudmin Manages, I receive a status message that the SSH Login failed. When I click Change Password, enter the new SSH Password and click Change Now, the status then tells me Failed to Login to Webmin. I then have to click Change password again and since the Webmin login is set to be the same as ssh I only click Change Now. Then the Expected Status of Virtualmin displays. I would like to suggest that when setting the new SSH Password, there should be a test for whether the "Webmin Password for account" is set to "Same as SSH" and then apply the new password automagically.

I have attached some images to show this in more detail.


Closed (fixed)


Is the order of those attachments the same as the order of the actions you took? It seems like they may have been re-ordered, which is confusing me ..

Hi Jamie,

Here is the order they should be in

  1. Status-SSH-Login_Failed.PNG (This is after I changed the password locally for root on the VM and then did a manual status check in Cloudmin)

  2. Change-SSH-Password.PNG (When I changed the Cloudmin SSH password to the new one)

  3. Status-Webmin-Login-Failed.PNG (The resulting screen after Cloudmin updated the SSH Password)

  4. Change-Password-No-Changes.PNG (When I have to change the Password for Webmin but change nothing, Only click Change Now)

  5. Status-Virtualmin.PNG (This is the proper status after the passwords have been changed. I would expect to see this after step 2.)


Thanks, I see the bug that causes this now - it will be fixed in the next Cloudmin release (version 6.8).

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.