change of domain name does not update logrotate.conf

When updating the domain name of a virtual server, the configuration of logrotate keeps the old path to apache logfiles.

How to reproduce:

  • (admin) login at virtualmin
  • choose a virtual server from the drop down
  • open "Server Configuration"
  • click "Change Domain Name"
  • change domain name and leave everything else untouched
  • click button "Rename Now"
  • check file /etc/logrotate.conf

Path/filename of logfiles still reflect the old domain. These files do not exist any more. Expected: path/filenames should automatically be updated to new domain name.



Hmm, I wasn't able to reproduce that issue.

When I performed those steps, it correctly updated the paths in the logrotate.conf file.

Where are your log files located now -- are they in /var/log/virtualmin?

(sorry for the late response)

Our logfiles are located in the appropriate home directories (instead of /var/log/virtualmin). They sit "physically" under:

/home/ /www/log/

Thanks for the info!

We've released some new Virtualmin versions since your initial report, and included lots of bug fixes in those.

Are you still seeing this issue in the most recent Virtualmin version, 4.00?

We will check this on one of our test servers and get back to you.