quotas messed up

all of my virtual servers are now showing negative qutoa usage with total disk space used of zero. Any ideas? I am using gpl latest version.



DId anything change on your system recently, such as an upgrade of any packages?

I noticed it before i upgraded to the most recent release of cent5...I upgraded to cent 5.x anyway...

Hi Jamie,

It's the same for me! This happend after an update, lots of packages got updated and CentOs went from 5.8 to 5.9.

The System information screen shows 0% used for all servers and when l look at a specific server Disk usage it shows 0MB if the server have no database, and if it has databases it shows the database quota used but negative value.

EDIT. The DB qouta is ok in Size of database, but in Disk space used it shows the DB value but negative.

We use Virtualmin Pro.

Best regards, Leffe (Blueforce)

Anyone who is seeing this on CentOS might want to try out the latest Webmin development release, which contains a fix for a change in the format of the quota command output on CentOS. You can install it with the command :

rpm -U http://download.webmin.com/devel/rpm/webmin-1.615-1.noarch.rpm

Hi Jamie,

Is it ok to install the development release on a production server?

Can this quota thing mess other things up if i don't install the development release now? If not, I prefer to wait untill this changes hits the official release. Or do you recommend to update now?

Best regards, Leffe (Blueforce)

Yes, it is safe to install - this version has passed all the same tests as we would apply to a production release.

Thanks Jamie!

I installed the dev release and the qouta looks ok now.

Best regards, Leffe (Blueforce)

Great! We will probably release this for everyone..