Failed to save mailbox : Failed to open PID file

I am using Virtualmin, My email are not working fine server not receive any emails and all bounced email trap in email queue. When I Try to "Login to Usermin" it show following error. Failed to save mailbox : Failed to open PID file



Howdy -- you may want to try restarting Usermin. You can do that by running this command as root:

/etc/init.d/usermin restart

After you do that, are you able to log into Usermin?

One other thing to verify is to make sure that the Virtual Server has plenty of disk space available, as well as any of the email user's you're having problems with.

However, the issue you're describing with the mail queue doesn't sound like a bug, but we'd be happy to assist with that in the forums. We monitor those, along with lots of wonderful folks in the community.

If you can, open up a new Forum thread, and in there, let us know what errors you're seeing.

For example, are there any bounce messages? If so, what errors are in the bounce message?

Also, do any errors show up in your error log, in /var/log/maillog? Let us know in that new forum thread what you're seeing in the mail logs.