batch create alias's ? Do I need a full pro license?


I have about 500 sites i would like to batch create, a 1 time thing.

I see Virtualmin Pro has a batch create feature.

The license structure shows unlimited sites, 1 year for $499

Is this the package I need just to do a 1 time batch import? Is there a cheaper way?




Howdy -- the Virtualmin Pro GUI does simplify the batch creation system.

And for that number of sites, the license you were looking at is probably the one you would need. Note that the renewals are significantly cheaper than the initial purchase.

However, if you're comfortable on the command line and with a little scripting, you could create a script to create your Virtual Servers using Virtualmin GPL, using the Virtualmin command line tools.

If you run the command "virtualmin create-domain", you can see a list of options for how to use that.

All you'd need to do is use some bash scripting, or other scripting language you're familiar with, loop over all the domains you want to create, and use the Virtualmin command line tools to create your domains.

You can see additional functionality in the command line tools by running the command "virtualmin".

Greetings, Thank you for your response.

I think I can handle writing a looping script to accommodate this.

I have been doing it manually by:

vitrualmin>>>>create virtual server>>alias of with email. for name and description.

The result is goes to folder, and the domain has its own email.


is the correct command to do this:

virtualmin create-domain --domain --alias --template "default" --features-from-plan --desc "" --logrotate

Im not sure what flags are included when I do the manual way.


Edit- Does this script also need a timeout in between commands?

The flags it uses, if not otherwise specified on the command line, are set in the Account Plan and Server Template that are used for that particular domain.

The command you mentioned looks okay, though whether it would work in your case would depend on the settings in your Account Plan and Server Template.

The best thing to do would be to try and create some domains, and verify that they have the features and settings that you're after.

Also, you shouldn't need a timeout in between commands -- when the command completes, the action Virtualmin was performing should be complete as well.

That said, it can't ever hurt to give it a brief rest in between commands :-)