Subdomains - Domains


I'm installing a Wordpress Network (Multisite) and have the following hierarchy in Virtualmin:

  • domain1.tld (Top-level server)
    • subdomain1.domain1.tld (Sub-server)
    • subdomain2.domain1.tld (Sub-server)
  • domain2.tld (Top-level server)
    • subdomain1.domain2.tld (Sub-server)
    • subdomain2.domain2.tld (Sub-server)
    • blog.domain2.tld (Sub-server) -> Here is the Wordpress Network (Multisite) installed (DB, Files, ...)
    • domain3.tld (Alias of blog.domain2.tld)
    • blog.domain1.tld (Alias of blog.domain2.tld)

I now create aliases to blog.domain2.tld to add new Blogs. This works as expected. But now I'd like that domain1.tld and domain2.tld are Aliases for blog.domain2.tld. How can I do that?

Cheers, Tobias



Howdy -- because Virtual Servers and Sub-Servers use features that aliases can't have, I don't believe there's a way to convert a Virtual Server to an alias.

To my knowledge (and Jamie will chime in if this is incorrect :-), you would need to delete both domain1.tld and domain2.tld, and re-create them as aliases of blog.domain2.tld.

And to do that, since they're top-level Virtual Servers, you would first need to create a new top-level Virtual Server, and then move your existing domains underneath of that new top-level Virtual Server.

You can do that in Server Configuration -> Move Virtual Server.

Eric is correct - there is no way to convert a domain to an alias. However, since an alias contains basically no information you can just delete the old one and re-create as an alias.