DB-user's password is not shown during server creation

when creating a server with DB, a DB-user is also created. 1) it's not clear what's the DB-user's password is 2) there's no way to set it to something different 3) the password is not shown during this process. 4) i assumed (or- i was led to believe :) that the password is the same as the Virtual-Server's admin.

For choosing a db-password, I suggest / expect either or all of these options at "Create Virtual Server --> Advanced options" (right after "Administration username" or in "Advanced options")

*) either be shown the random password during server creation gui, *) or, set a DB password manually for that user, *) or, set a default in the template. *) or, use the same password as the virtualmin-admin (but as we both agree, this option is discouraged).

personally, i think that this option should be set in the server-template, as a radio buttons for all the options i entered above.

discussion at: http://www.virtualmin.com/node/24755#comment-111130

(Also, the DB permissions are not shown. while I personally like this default, I think that, for security reasons, they could be at least shown)



Normally the DB user's password will be the same as the admin's password - unless you have hashed passwords enabled, in which case a randomly generated password will be used. In the latter case, you can see this on the Edit Databases page, on the Password tab.