"Systems installed on" counter incorrect

Last week I took my (only) Virtualmin Pro server down to upgrade it. Yesterday I installed VM Pro using the wget script from the serial number page.
Today I noticed that the "Systems installed on" counter on my server says 2, while the serial number page says "Servers Used 0". Neither is correct. I have it installed on 1 server.

Maybe I confused something in my upgrade process because when I took my VM Pro server down, I replaced it with a VM GPL server on different hardware, but the same IP('s) as my old VM Pro box.
I used VM Pro's Backup tool to backup the domains to a FTP server, then restored the domains to the VM GPL using it's Restore tool, but I did not restore the Virtualmin settings. I manually set them.
My "new" VM Pro is up, but not hosting anything yet on a different/temporary IP that I'm using to get it ready at. And I am %100 sure that it's the only server I have running my license of VM Pro.

Closed (fixed)