redundant server

I am trying to locate some setup for making a mirror or redundant server .

Ns2 is the primary ns1 is the secondary

what i want is if ns2 goes down the ns1 will act as the primary have every ones accounts and so on . is this something that can be done .



That's tricky, as the sync could potentially have to happen in both directions.

What are you trying to sync - web content, email, databases, or something else?

trying to sync the Virtualmin Server so if one server goes down the other will take over .

can ya give me a trial to see how it works and if i can get it installed .


The Virtualmin and Cloudmin products don't have a free trial; but they do come with a 45 day money back guarantee.

If you find it's not doing what you want, just let us know within 45 days and we'll gladly refund your money.

Alternatively, if you let us know how it could be improved, we can also discuss adding a feature, or tweaking how it works, to better suit your needs.

Soon as I get a working platform. I will order that . Do you still have a demo site running there so I can log into one and look around.