Apache log files missing!

Installed Virtualmin on Centos 5.7 (64 bit) everything seems ok, except apache log files! On every domain in folder /logs there is just file .nodelete What is the problem?!

On my other system (Centos 6 64 bit) - there are log files in that directory (one for access_log, one for error_log)



Jamie may need to comment on why the symlinks aren't there in $HOME/logs/.

However, the logfiles themselves should still exist -- those are in /var/log/virtualmin/.

If you go into the "Logs and Reports" section in Apache, you should be able to view "Apache Access Log" and "Apache Error Log".

thanks andreychek for a quick response yes they all exist in /var/log/virtualmin/ however it is not handy to see them via "Logs and Reports" (too much traffic) should be an easy way to download those

one of the points - this system is VPS (not overloaded or anything), but could that be an issue?

New domains should get a symlink from ~/logs/access_log to the domain's log file under /var/log/virtualmin

If you create a new test domain, does that symlink get created for you?

just done that and yes it does create symlinks to /var/log/virtualmin what do i do?

You don't actually really need those symlinks - there are only created for convenience, as some users are used to the old Virtualmin location of ~/logs.

Is anything not working (like Webalizer or AWstats) on the domains without links?

but mainly how will users be able to see their log files if they have different ftp accounts with their own usernames/passwords? They obviously will have no access to that folder (only root or other privileged user will have it)

By default, all users would have access to see the logs directory, it's not limited to root.

If you're having problems accessing it, let us know though and we can troubleshoot the problem with you.

for some reason on every web site options - all logs paths are shown as /var/log/virtualmin/domainname...log by changing this option in each domain to /home/domainname/logs - it creates a symlink and therefore now visible for users to download via ftp so it's fixed now by simply changing this option in each domain problem solved