Awstats Broken


I found Awstats has stopped working any sever using Virtualmin. Has anyone come up with any options or fix? I use it as a guide to make sure the customer is within range of their specs.





Howdy -- what kind of problems are you having exactly? Are you receiving any errors?

Also, what is the output of this command, it'll show what version of the awstats plugin you're using:

rpm -qa | grep wbm-virtualmin-awstats

Thanks for the quick response.

No errors that I could find.

From the 13th of this month it stopped recording information...the same effect as if a site had moved to a different server.

Here is the information you requested

rpm -qa | grep wbm-virtualmin-awstats


You have the most recent awstats plugin... you may want to try manually running the stats generation.

You can see all the awstats commands that are being daily by running this as root:

crontab -l | grep awstats

You should see a number of entries similar to this:

45 0 * * * /etc/webmin/virtualmin-awstats/ DOMAIN.TLD

What you'd want to do is manually run that command... that would look like this:

/etc/webmin/virtualmin-awstats/ DOMAIN.TLD

And you'd input your domain in place of "DOMAIN.TLD".

When running that command, do you see any errors? And does it update the stats?

Ran the command. No errors, no error in the logs, and no update to the stats.

If you go into Edit Virtual Server, and enable the "Webalizer Reporting" feature -- does that work properly? You may need to wait overnight (or manually run the webalizer cron job).

Sorry for the delay, always working ;)

I did enable and weblizer and that "fixed" the issue for a day or two.

I found that for some reason the settings for the log file would not set properly. I initially installed, uninstalled, re-installed, baked a cake, ran a marathon...and nothing.

So I just switched to Nginx and configured Awstats to use Nginx's log file...and that's when I found the issue.

Again thanks for your help.