Can't configure backup levels

I'm setting up a couple of scheduled backups on a new server that we're migrating to and can't seem to set up the backup levels. They always show up as 'Full'.

It's probably just a display issue. When setting up a new backup the Backup Level parameter has three radio buttons with no text between them and 'Neither (all files, and don't update incremental state)' after the last. I assume that the buttons are 'Full', 'Incremental' and 'Neither' in left to right order. Regardless of which I click it ends up as a Full backup.

This new server is 3.97. The old server I'm migrating from is on 3.96 and does not display the problem (or the 3rd option).



Jamie, that does look like he may be seeing a bug.

Looking in the Backup Virtual Servers screen, the 3 "Backup Level" buttons don't seem to be labeled correctly.

However, when viewing the HTML source, the first and second radio buttons each have the same name, value, and id (name="increment" value="" id="increment_").

This is a bug in Virtualmin 3.97 .. we may have to release a minor update to fix it.

The patch until then is to replace the file /usr/libexec/webmin/virtual-server/backup_form.cgi with the file attached to this bug report.

That seems to do it. Thanks!