Second server only web server


Posted a doubt the forum but had no response yet.

I would like to request help for this issue. Well not sure how to implement the second server using cloudmin where the second server will have only "web server"




I didn't quite follow your question .. are you looking for a way to offload a high-traffic site to a separate webserver machine?


I created a new machine with Ubuntu installed and Virtualmin GPL. But I want the cloudmin control this new machine so that it is only as a web server. Leaving DNS and e-mails on the machine's main cloudmin.

We don't support splitting the web and mail hosting of a domain across multiple machines while still maintaining a single control panel, sorry. Or do you just want to completely host some domains on the first machine, and some on the second?


I put a domain which needs more resources in a new and unique server

In that case, you can just install Virtualmin on the second system and move the large domain over to it.

Cloudmin can help with this, as it has support for managing and moving Virtualmin domains. The "Physical systems" version of Cloudmin is probably best, unless you also want to deal with VMs.

Repeating what had already spoken at the beginning.

I have server A with Cloudmin PRO using EC2 and also in the virtualmin installed. I have server B with GPL virtualmin installed.

I want to move a domain from A to B but maintain centralized DNS server A.

I want you to also create new domains in the DNS server B from server A is updated.

How do I do that in Cloudmin? Since it is not only moving a domain server.

Ok, I see now. Unfortunately there is no way yet to do that kind of service-level separation in Cloudmin or Virtualmin.