Login failed. Please try again. PAM

Hello Folks!

I discovered a strange problem I can not solve. I have pam and pam_tally2 activated plus password aging for usermin and webmin. Same login problem is with both of them.

When logging in to webmin/usermin with repeatedly wrong password or no password as one user, not exeeding pam_tally2 max login retries limit, and then change user to another trying logging in.

Then this happens: usermin/webmin ask you about Username: over and over again, sometimes password arrives, but u are never allowed to login.

Even if you try to login from another pc same happens, all users are locked out for several minutes.

In securelog one can read "Timeout of PAM session for ", then it works again.

Restarting webmin/usermin solves the problem, then all works as normal again.

What is this, how do I solve this problem ?



Howdy -- Webmin and Usermin will block an IP from logging in after too many invalid password attempts.

That block would be cleared automatically after a few minutes, or restarting Webmin/Usermin will immediately reset it, as you discovered.

You can configure all that in Webmin -> Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> Authentication.