Job for Fixing Sending Mail for a stock virtualmin CentOS server

Job help needed for fixing sending email from a stock virtualmin pro server CentOS 5.8

Most errors are of the relaying denied variety 554 5.7.1 Relay access denied

Urgently needed.

Please contact dominic @ taji . com for further discussion or through this ticket

Thank you.



Howdy -- can you describe the exact problem you're seeing, and when you see these errors?

Is the issue occurring when sending email from a desktop client, for example?

If so, you may want to verify that the desktop client is setup the authenticate when sending Outgoing SMTP messages -- most clients don't do that by default.

My first thoughts too. Now I am getting errors of timeouts and mail not being able to be delivered from external sources. So it is not just a sending mail problem.

Am checking on this issues now.

If you let us know the hostname of your mailserver, we can do some remote tests to verify that it's responding as expected.