Status: Ping failed.

After making updates cloudmin virtualmin and get the message across all virtual machines Status: Ping failed. Not modified anything in the settings to not be update systems

What could have happened?

Closed (fixed)


I had a quick look at your system, and the /proc/xen directory is missing again - it looks like you have booted into a non-Xen capable kernel?

After Update of cloudmin have the kernel below:

Centos (3.6.7-1.el6xen.x86-64) Centos (2.6.32-279.14.1.el6.x86-64) Centos (3.6.6-1.el6xen.x86-64) Centos (3.6.5-1.el6xen.x86-64) Centos (2.6.32-279.11.1.el6.x86-64) Centos (3.6.3-1.el6xen.x86-64) Centos (2.6.32-220.el6xen.x86-64)

Which one should start the machine?

I notice that every update I get the cloudmin kernel installed here put more vulnerable to this type of problem.

You should probably try whichever kernel you were using before the upgrade .. and not accept any new kernel upgrades, to avoid accidentally reverting to the non-Xen variety.

This right to question the kernel. Now only the virtual machine is Status: Down

Could you tell me why this machine starts not normal like the other?

If you go into System State -> Startup System, does that Virtual Machine start?

If not, what boot messages do you see? You can check the boot messages in System State -> Boot Messages.

Console Boot Messages Refresh messages

PTY PID: 7934 Error: Domain 'businessconnect' does not exist.

Starting up .. .. failed :

PTY PID: 29979 Error: Domain 'businessconnect' does not exist.

Thanks for the additional info... Jamie and I have been doing some digging to try and figure out why you're seeing that, we've never run into that error before.

We'll post an update as soon as we determine the issue.

Ok, I fixed the issue with this VM. It was a little tricky, as it appears that a recent upgrade to Xen 4.2 stopping this VM from being able to boot, because it hadn't been registered with Xen.

The fix was to simply perform this registration by running :

cd /home/xen
xm new businessconnect.cfg

Normally Cloudmin will do this automatically for new VMs, but only those that were created under Xen 4.2 or later.

I created a virtual machine put it this status ping dow.

I tried to create twice put the cloudmin always creates with ping dow