Rackspace affiliate/referral link?

Hi, I am about to sign up for Rackspace Cloud Files because you guys support it now (and I'm way overdue for doing remote backups in a "proper" way, instead of my existing rsync-to-garage-file-server kludge!).

I have looked all over your site and can't find any potential affiliate or referral link from you guys. You should set up a reseller or referral account over there! I would be very happy signing up in a way that would get you guys some extra cash! :)

Unfortunately, I have stuff that needs this service by morning, so I can't wait. However, I figured I'd make the suggestion in case I can retro-actively assign referral to you.


I would think a lot of people would support you in this way given the chance (and of course making sure to note that any referral links were such, and making options to go directly without ref code attached.)

...just a thought.




Thanks for pointing that out -- we'll look into that!


Sorry to dredge up this old thread, but I think I saw a referral link put into a more recent update to *min. Glad to see it! I hope it's brought in some extra cash.

However, since I was already set up with Rackspace before you got that set up, do you know if there's a way to retroactively assign you as my referrer?

I guess I'm asking what your referral code or account, etc. is so I can just go ask their support folks to get you credited for my referral? I'm going to ask them about it anyway, but I don't know who to say referred me.

I'm just getting another couple servers set up with backups via my Rackspace account and it got me thinking again about it. I want to help in any way I can to support you guys.

Thanks for all your work and the great products.