Cant connect to Dovecot POP3/IMAP from Thunderbird/Outlook


I have just installed Virtualmin on CentOs 6 64bit, and it works perfectly for virtual web server and Squirrelmail - I can log into Squirrelmail with Imap.

However, while trying to set up my email on Thunderbird, it always say wrong username and password?

What configuration do i need to make in order for Thunderbird email working?

Could you please help.




The first step in case of such issues under Linux is almost always to check the log files. :) I'm not sure what the relevant files are named exactly in your distribution, but you might look in /var/log for the files syslog, messages, auth.log and mail.log. At the exact time when you have a failed login from Thunderbird, are there any striking error messages in those?

Yup, as locutus mentioned, logs would really be helpful!

It also looks like you opened up a forum post about that issue here:

Since it looks like you're using Virtualmin GPL, you'd want to use the forums for support... go ahead and post your log output there, and we can troubleshoot what's going on using the forums. Thanks!