Using external mail servers

We are separating our email from all other services on our box. Some will be using our hosted exchange and others using our POP/IMAP on another Ubuntu server we own. What is the correct setup for the DNS on the Web server so the forms on the client's site get sent to the correct mail server? Currently, we set up a new Virtual Server with all services EXCEPT Mail and Anti-spam. So in many cases, there are no MX Record entries in the DNS Records listing in Virtualmin. Thanks for your help

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Howdy -- it sounds like you would want MX records, it's just that they're pointing to other servers.

You could configure custom DNS records in System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Mail for Domain. There's a field "BIND DNS records for new domains" at the top there where you could specify a custom record.

You could create multiple templates if you wanted, each having a particular mail server pre-configured.

Also, you would want to make sure that the "Mail for Domain" feature was disabled for any domain not hosted locally.

Alternatively, if you don't setup the MX records in the Server Template, you can add those after the domain is created in Server Configuration -> Edit DNS Records.

Fantastic. MX Records don't exist in the DNS Records setting for the domains in question. So, I added an MX record for one domain that is pointed to GoDaddy's Hosted Exchange server, and it appears to be working. I'll update the Server templates to reflect our mail server since most new clients will be using that server. I'll close this out and will submit a second ticket on an email issue for PTR. Thanks.