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I'd like to propose the creation of a "partner program" with various types of partnerships being offered, perhaps with just one or more types initially.

The concept which inspired me came from that of CloudFlare's own partnership program which focuses around empowering partners to be recognized for their contribution to the bigger picture, and further gives partners the ability to promote their partnership, while offering their customer's greater value.

CloudFlare's partnership program details can be found at:


As someone who'd like to be considered as a "founding partner", and promoter of, Virtualmin products I'd be happy to administrate in part or full the actual partner program FREE of charge (in the same way you have made the GPL versions available) as a way of giving back to the Virtualmin community.


Over the past 2 years, I've managed to aid over a dozen organizations save hundreds to thousands of dollars with Virtualmin at the core of the overall solution.

My own network of nearly a dozen machines is powered by Virtualmin at its core.


By promoting those who use Virtualmin, you'd be encouraging more to get involved and promote your products over other panels and products which in my humble opinion are not nearly as good, and often more expensive.

Further, by setting rules and standards for different partnershp levels, perhaps even a small fee, users would confidently be able to pick a partner to work with when considering a Virtualmin product.

Basically, I believe it's a "win-win" situation for everyone involved!

Let me know what your thoughts are. I look forward to forging a long and lasting business relation with you guys, and am happy to contribute my time toward making this successful.




Hi Peter I have interest about the idea.

Keep in touch

I'm passing this along to Joe, who handles the affiliate program.

excellent idea, was going to suggest this, too - in fact, to "give back" to some of the folks on the forum who must spent many hours each week providing support to end-users. So that would be a great way to thank them for their efforts, i.e. by purchasing virtualmin products through them - which would obviously also give their feedback regarding future development a little more weight.

Was there any initiative based on this email, i would like to get something like in place..