vm 3.95 gpl

just fyi (in case there is a problem with the yum repo)

17 days after the release of 3.95, I tried the following on a vm 3.95 Scientific Linux 6.3 system:

yum clean all; yum update

but there is still no 3.95 update.



Thanks -- I'll pass this along to Joe so that he can look into it.

I don't believe it's been released yet into the software repo, but it should be soon!

Version 3.95 should be out now - try re-checking for an update by running :

yum clean all
yum install wbm-virtual-server

Thanks, I can confirm that 3.95 showed up in my SL 6.3 installation. But for some reason not on ubuntu 12.04

I tried:

sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade

I just noticed that you released 3.96. But at webmin.com you announced that as 3.95 (so I missed that and the security fix initially ;-)

I guess I wait for that to show up in the repos :-)

I can confirm that 3.95 still doesn't show up in Ubuntu 12.04 x64 updates.

This should be added to Virtualmin repos shortly - we release on www.webmin.com first, to catch problems before releasing to customers.

Thanks. The webmin announcement looks correct now :-)

Just to clarify. This "issue" is not about 3.96 (Locutus and I are familar with the release process and understand the delay :-) It is about 3.95 which has reached all repos apparently (e.g. centos and SL), but unfortunately not yet ubuntu 12.04 (64). The same is true for webmin 1.6.10 by the way. So there seems to be a problem with your ubuntu repo?

Thanks for the heads up... I notified Joe of the issue, so that he can make sure it is resolved as he pushes out the new Virtualmin 3.96 release.

Looks like Joe updated all repos including the Ubuntu repo. 3.96 showed up today.

However webmin 1.6.10 is still missing on ubuntu 12.04 (just FYI, can wait of course).