My need is to create a virtual machine to the domain with ips and

I created a zone with master dns name

When I click in the area created what I enter in Address Name and Adress in on Address Records?

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Whenever you create a new Virtual Machine, Virtualmin automatically adds the hostname for that machine into the DNS running on the Cloudmin host (or where ever else it's been configured).

You don't need to manually add those records into the DNS Zone, Virtualmin will do that for you each time you create a Virtual Machine.

The only thing you might need to do, if it's not done already, is to setup a DNS 'A' record for your Cloudmin Master server.

If you'll be using "" as your Cloudmin master, you would want to add a DNS 'A' record for it. That would associate the server's IP, "", with the hostname, "".


So where should I create a virtual machine with the ips listed above?

I want to create a virtual machine as a plan that already created and User created with virtualmin and hundreds.


You would need to complete the process of registering a host as a Xen Host, which is how Cloudmin knows where to setup the Xen Virtual Machines.

That's described in the documentation here... in particular, make sure you perform the steps in the section named "Registering a Xen Host":

Once you do that, you can begin creating Xen Virtual Machines, which can be done using the documentation here:


You say to follow the tutorial. I see that this is not your tuturial updated. For the walks informed it does not exist on my system cloudmin. I'm quese a week trying to make this setting and I can not. What can you do to help me? check with your tuturial error: Registering a Xen Host

The steps to add the system for Xen hosting are:

 Make sure the system is configured for the Xen Explained on the Setting up the Xen Host System page.
 Open the Settings Cloudmin section on the left menu, and click on Xen Host Systems.

In reality that exists in my menu is as follows:

[-] Cloudmin Settings SSH Keys New System Images Image Storage Locations Email Settings Cloudmin Plugins Replication Cloudmin Custom Links New Feature Log Cloudmin Configuration

As you can see does not exist in cloudmin setings menu Xen Host Systems as suggested in your tuturaial outdated.

Please be objective and let me know how can I correct use of your tutorial wrong ...

Failed to save Xen host : The selected system cannot support Xen instances : The QEMU interface virbr0 is active, which can break networking for Xen instances. On Redhat-derived systems, remove the file /etc/libvirt/qemu/networks/default.xml and then reboot.