webmin virtualmin and cloudmin

good afternoon It was necessary to format the system and install it again here. The server is already configured for the xen kernel. Or through the link, copy and paste this command for RHEL / CentOS: wget-O install.sh http://cloudmin.virtualmin.com/cgi-bin/cloudmin-redhat-install.cgi?seria... \ & key = uV6P2gCWrq; / bin / sh install.sh It was installed cloudmin and webmin. What should I do to install the complete system together with the cloudmin webmin and virtualmin (usermin)

thank you




Howdy -- if you also wish to install Virtualmin, you would want to run two install scripts on that server... in addition to running the Cloudmin installer, you would also run the Virtualmin install.sh script.

Cloudmin and Virtualmin can both run on the same server, and it's no problem to run the install script for each on your server.