ssl certificate on virtualmin webmin

Hi, I am using virtualmin webmin for hosting. https request for domain is not working. What would I need to do it so that it can work with https request too. I enable SSL on particular domain but still it is not working. Do I need to buy ssl certificate or any alternate solution for it ? if I have to buy it then please where should I get this ssl certificate.




Howdy -- it's not a requirement to have a commercial SSL cert for SSL to work. You can use a free self-signed certificate, though you would receive a warning message when doing so.

Enabling the SSL feature in Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features should be all you need -- after that, you should be able to access it using "https", assuming that this particular domain is the only one on your system that uses SSL (you can only have one SSL cert per IP address).

If you're still having problems with that, and have additional questions -- it looks like you're using Virtualmin GPL there. The support area here is for Virtualmin Pro customers... we'd encourage you to use the forums for support -- we monitor those, along with lots of wonderful folks from the community.

You can post your followup questions there. When doing so, be sure to include what errors you're seeing when trying to access your site with https. Thanks!