Delete Before Scheduled Backup


We use the scheduled backup feature but we are a little shy on backup space.

Our current problem is that the disk fills on the second full backup before it completes. So that backup and all subsequent backups fail to both the local and remote (SSH) backup destinations.

Is there an easy way to cause the 'Delete Old Backups' feature to kick in before the backup?

We only have room for one Full plus the Incrementals on the local (disk) destination.

This is slightly complicated by our use of two backup destinations and I don't want to give up the current scheduling.

I guess I could create a separate full backup job to get what I want, but it would be much simpler if there was an option to 'delete before'.



Closed (fixed)


Currently, no .. and I think that would be a potentially dangerous feature, because you could end up with no viable backups if the deletion was done and then the new backup failed!

You're right, of course. It could be dangerous. But only if you only have one backup.

My problem is that the deletions never happen and ALL my backups fail from then on.

Being an expert, I'd love to have that option.

But no matter, we will be moving to new and vastly superior hardware soon.

I'll just deal with it with a cron job or something.



Perhaps what you need is for deletion to happen even if the current backup fails?

That would solve my problem.

Even if one backup failed, the next one would work.

Is that a possibility? Did I miss a setting somewhere?



There is no setting for this currently .. but in the next release, I will make it so that if the "Action on error" is set to "Continue with other features and servers", the purge will still be done.