Cloudflare Module

Can you add a Cloudflare module that can be enabled per web site/server? I tried installing Cloudflare's module but it doesn't detect apache2 so it won't install. It would be nice to simply be able to active this on web sites/servers that utilize Cloudflare. Information and source for the module can be found here



I supposed that could be done .. but I don't think it would solve your problem with integration with Apache 2, as Virtualmin would just be enabling the same Cloudflare module that you are doing manually.

I'm not able to install it for some reason. When I run the installer manually, it fails saying it can't find Apache2. But it would be nice to be able to enable this per site/server as not all sites use Cloudflare and I don't know if it causes a problem with sites that don't use them.

Well, Cloudflare is just an Apache module.

Normally, all that needs to be done is to first compile it, and then load it into Apache.

The documentation on their site suggests the defaults work fine for most setups... so there wouldn't typically need to be any per-domain configuration.

For the issue you're seeing -- it sounds like the key would be to review the documentation section named "Apache module: mod_cloudflare" on the Cloudflare site, and to troubleshoot any errors you get while trying to compile it.

Also, if you scroll to the bottom of that page, it looks like they provide pre-compiled binaries, which would allow you to install it as a .dep or .rpm.