Backup to S3 fails

When trying to backup a virtual server which is quite large the backup fails when uploading to S3 (last stage of backup). I am unsure exactly what size causes the failure (the virtual server in my case is 13GB), but I am guessing that the 5GB single part limit is reached?

If I do a backup to a local directory, and use s3cmd to upload the files to S3 then the process is successful.



Are you running Virtualmin 3.94? Older versions didn't support large file backups to S3, as they required a different protocol - but this has been fixed in recent releases.

Recently (few weeks ago) I'm keep getting next error:

15 servers backed up successfully, 0 had errors.

Deleting backups from databases/class1-%d%m%Y in Amazon S3 bucket intechhosting older than 30 days .. .. failed to list S3 files : Failed to list S3 files : The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your key and signing method.

If key is wrong how it could perform 15server backup, I checked credential and even request a new ones from Amazon...bit still without success? For the first two months I have no problem with the same keys and backup. I'm using 3.98 GPL Virtualmin.

Thank you.

Virtualmin 3.99 will fix that "Failed to list S3 files" bug - it happens if you have a bucket with more than 1000 files in it, in a non-US location.

Ok, thank you.:)