Pro License Usage Accounting

This week I switched & re-installed the server (and switched IPs) that my Virtualmin Pro license was on, and now the licensing system seems to be confused.

When I login to the Pro server (I also have a GPL-only server for backup DNS & MX on the old Pro server's IP), it says:

"A problem was detected with your Virtualmin license : Your serial number is licensed for only 1 servers, but is being used on 3."

There was a less than 24 hour period during my transition where Pro was installed on 2 servers, but it is only on one now, and there never was a third server. I clicked Re-check License Status and it just shows the same over-limit warning.

I don't really have a question (other than will the licensing count resolve itself in any specific amount of time?), I just wanted to get on top of things to make sure there is no question that I am only using my license for what I am actually licensed for.



Howdy -- that's no problem at all. That can happen during moves and migrations. Only the root user can see it, and we don't even notice it unless it goes on for over a month.

The license manager will forget all about the old server after not seeing it for a few days.

So you should be fine by early next week. If not, let us know and we can look into that more!