Upgrade + Renewal -- Still Waiting

We purchased a renewal and an upgrade but we have yet to receive an activation code. We've sent email to the support address. Please help. Thank you.

Date Order # Status Products Total 09/21/2012 6622 Completed 3 $300.00 09/21/2012 6620 Completed 1 $164.00 09/22/2011 5119 Completed 1 $199.00



I can take care of this for you - which Virtualmin serial number would you like the renewal applied to?

Howdy -- if you ever run into any problems, feel free to post here and we'll gladly work with you to get it straightened out!

It looks like the license manager wasn't able to automatically handle the update. I've manually applied both your upgrade and renewal -- you should be good to go now.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Thank you. I can verify that the license automagically updated on our end.