Virtualmin email accounts issue

Hi, I have 10 vps on virtualmin i got same issue i check hostname domain name in postfix check /etc/postfix/virtual virtual alias already exists in /etc/postfix/virtual hostmaster,postmaster,abuse i can able to recive email under my postmaster email account can any body tell me what to do i have search every thing on google and do it but same issue i face again and again its in all 10 vps not only one vps.

This is the mail system at host

I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not
be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below.

For further assistance, please send mail to <postmaster>

If you do so, please include this problem report. You can
delete your own text from the attached returned message.

The mail system

<> (expanded from
<>): User unknown in virtual alias table

Regards Fraz Ali Server Admin Goldbartech



Hi, Ya i have setup this email account for forwarding emails to that admin@ emails account its already setup.

its fails in all 10 vps and i am also unable to recive emails in postmaster@ mydomainname. please help me out my 10 vps are really bad down... Fraz ali

One thing that could cause a problem like that is if your systems hostname is the same as a Virtual Server that you have setup on your server.

That is, if you run the command "hostname", what output do you receive?

If that output is a domain on your system -- you may want to change your hostname. If it's not already, I would recommend making your hostname an FQDN, in the format "".

If that doesn't help -- I'd be happy to log into your system to take a look.

You can either enable Remote Support, using the Virtualmin Support module, or you can email me your root login details at


Thanks for your help i have email you root password from

Thanks in advance Please also tell me what is problem and how you solve it because i also have othere 10 vps with same issue.

Regards, Fraz Ali

I'm noticing two main issues there that are likely to contribute to that.

One, it doesn't appear that your system's hostname is listed on the "mydestination" line in your /etc/postfix/ file. Without that, Postfix wouldn't understand how to deliver messages locally in all cases.

Two, there isn't a DNS 'A' record added for your system's hostname. I'd suggest going into Virtualmin, and in the domain "", I'd go into Server Configuration -> Edit DNS Records, and add an 'A' record for "".

Also, I'd suggest adding a DNS 'A' record for and

However, even without that, once I added your hostname to Postfix, I was able to send a test email to an account on your system. So once you tweak the DNS, that should resolve the issues you're seeing.


Eric iam still facing same issue in my other server also that one not fixed i email u new server can you please check i have add ns1 ns2 hostname dns and add to postfix.

Regards, Fraz Ali

Hmm, it looks like your other server was changed to use Sendmail, rather than Postfix. In general, unless you really need Sendmail for some reason -- I'd recommend using Postfix, as Sendmail is much more difficult to configure, and most of us don't know it very well :-)

It doesn't look like you have many users setup yet, so if you can, I'd suggest moving back to Postfix (which will require re-adding any users and aliases you already have setup).

If you do that --

It looks like Postfix has the same issue on the new server -- in your /etc/postfix/ file, there's a "mydestination" line -- and that doesn't contain the system's hostname, "".

My recommendation would be to edit that file, and add your hostname to the "mydestination" line.

When you're done, restart Postfix with this command:

/etc/init.d/postfix restart

After that, email delivery should work correctly.